We provide comprehensive Commercial Security Systems with fire and life safety solutions

ADT Commercial Security

Commercial Security system in Palm Desert, CA

ADT has been in the Commercial Security Systems business for over 100 years, and their quest is now to become the leader in the commercial security space. Advanced Home Connect has been a leader in installing the Commercial and Residential Security system in Palm Desert.

Importance of Commercial Security Systems

Every business owner should ensure the safety and security of employees, assets, and office spaces. A Commercial Security System can protect your office equipment and the private information of your firm, giving you peace of mind concerning the safety of your business.

Home Security Systems

Our Customer Service is Unique

At Advanced Home Connect, we take a unique approach to customer service. At AHC, we always treat you the way we would like to be treated. We strive towards excellence by doing what we say we’re going to do. Browse through our website and see for yourself how our exceptional service can support your business.

Tailored solutions

Each industry faces its unique security challenges and requires a tailored Commercial Security solution. Our highly experienced and expertly trained local teams will tailor your security systems to meet the specific needs of each facility.

Make your home smarter in a Snap

Add indoor, outdoor & doorbell cameras, smart lights, locks & thermostats as well as a garage door controller, and control all of them from your touchscreen & the ADT Control app. The ADT Command touchscreen is where everything starts, stops, and adjusts within a snap.

Seamless Voice integration

  • Use your voice (or voice commands) to perform many functions
  • Ask Amazon Alexa to arm or disarm your Security System
  • Control your lights, locks, thermostat among other things
  • Enable “Alexa Smart Home Skill” through ADT’s Mobile app or the ADT Control app