Security Alarms

Whether you live in a house in the suburbs or an apartment in the city, Advanced Home Connect has the ADT home security solution you need.

An ADT alarm system from Advanced Home Connect is always suited to your needs and budget. Choose from our range of cutting-edge keypads, panic buttons, indoor passives, and outdoor beams. Our alarms incorporate the latest technology and are built to be effective and reliable for years at a time.

Security alarm is a system that is triggered to alert the people from a possible dangerous or hazardous situation. ADT home security alarm systems are triggered through the sensors. Whenever there is an unauthorized entry, gas leak, fire etc then ADT alarm system will notify you through a high decibel sound and the ADT home security monitoring stations will be notified.

How an ADT Alarm system works?

1) Alarm Triggered
Your ADT alarm system sounds when one of your sensors is triggered or you manually set off the alarm through your control panel or key fob remote. Depending on how your ADT home security system is set up, one of two things will happen-either a high-decibel alarm will sound or a silent alarm will be sent to your ADT monitoring station.
2) ADT home security notified
Your ADT home security monitoring station will be notified and a dispatcher will be alerted to a possible emergency at your home. ADT monitoring stations are staffed 24/7, so there is always someone ready to respond to your alarm.
3) Emergency Verified
Once the dispatcher contacts you, they'll determine what is going on. If it is a false alarm, the dispatcher will cancel the alarm and will not notify your local emergency response team. If the dispatcher cannot contact you, they will assume there is an emergency.

What Triggers an ADT alarms system?

The majority of ADT security system comes with wireless sensors that can be placed in strategic locations around your home, like on doors or windows and in living rooms and bedrooms. When these sensors are triggered, they send a signal to your security system control panel, which will alert your ADT security system monitoring station.

Here are some common sensors that can be triggered in the case of an emergency.

a) Door/Window sensors – The doors and windows are equipped with magnetic sensors from ADT home security. When they are opened the sensors separate and the ADT alarm system is triggered. ADT security system works swiftly.

b) Motion Sensors - The most common type of motion sensor provided with ADT security system is the infrared sensor. They identify intruders by comparing the heat of inanimate objects with the heat of anything moving in its field of detection— like a human.

c) Glass Break Sensors - There are two types of glass break sensors provided with ADT security system: shock sensors and acoustic sensors. Shock sensors detect vibrations when glass breaks or shatters, while acoustic sensors are designed to detect the exact sound waves of breaking glass and thus triggering ADT alarm system.

d) Emergency Sensors - Emergency sensors are an added layer of security provided with ADT security system which most people don't always think about. Flood sensors will help to detect and notify you of any moisture in your home caused by flooding, burst pipes, or any other water-related emergency. Carbon monoxide detectors will help alert you when high levels of CO are detected in your home, and smoke sensors detect smoke and spikes in temperature.