You can rely on ADT’s Smart Home Devices for Your Family’s Safety

With interactive ADT Smart Home Security Systems and some essential smart devices, you can have control of everything from lights to appliances, and your security at your fingertips. And you can control this state of the art security system from virtually anywhere.

Smart Home Technology You Can Rely on to Protect Your Home and Family

Your home is one of the biggest investments you´ll ever make, and therefore keeping it safe & secure is a priority. Thanks to the ADT Smart Home Security System and the ADT Mobile App, you now have remote access along with complete control of everything from lights, locks & thermostats to your cameras, garage door, and, of course, your security system.

ADT offers a bunch of Additional Smart Home Accessories

commercial security systems

Smart locks

Forgot your keys, don’t worry, you won’t get locked out again as now you can turn your smartphone into your smart key and remotely lock & unlock your doors with smart locks and keypads from ADT.

commercial security systems

Garage Controller

If you left your Garage Door open – Don’t Worry. The ADT garage door controller lets you open and close your garage door from virtually anywhere, anytime.

commercial security systems

Smart Plugs

ADT smart plugs and smart switches let you control your smart home lights and appliances from virtually anywhere. Just plug it into any outlet and connect your lamp or any other smart home device for the convenience of turning switches on and off remotely.

ADT Command works with your favorite devices

Have Complete Control of your Smart Home with the ADT Mobile App

Always remain in control of your home’s security with “The ADT Control app” that gives you complete control over your ADT Command system at all times. Make full use of the ADT Mobile App to control all your smart devices or to create modes to set-up multiple-device automation in motion with a single touch.

ADT works with all your cherished Smart Home Devices

Seamlessly integrate everything in your home by setting up Voice Control Integration for hands-free control of your ADT Command system using the ADT Control mobile app for even more security and convenience. Use smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa to disarm your ADT home security system & control your smart home gadgets without even lifting a finger.

With ADT Command You Have Wireless, smart security at your fingertips

ADT + Sonos

Smart Home Security now sounds even better

Pair your ADT Security System with Sonos smart speakers and seamlessly integrate it with the ADT Control app to get the music to your ears along with enhanced security.

  • The ADT Control app lets you control your Sonos speaker from virtually everywhere, giving you a calm and peaceful mind with soulful music.
  • Make your Sonos part of your smart home by setting up unique doorbell tones, turning on music, and adjusting the lights & thermostat to create the perfect atmosphere.
  • ADT has combined smart security technology with the powerful sound of Sonos to create an exciting duo. Make a grand entrance with custom playlists, set up extra-loud alarms, and more right from the Control app.